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Corrie Brockman

Colorado Wedding & Portrait Photographer



Corrie B

Photography is my way of displaying my heartbeat without you audibly hearing it. I want to do life with you. I want to meet you right where you are and give you another perspective that you may never have seen before.

My heart swells with joy when I see a Bride stealing a moment to herself to reflect on the day, a Groom waiting expectantly, a Father’s falling tear, a Couple sharing a glance, a brand new Baby fast asleep in the arms of their family members.

I love life’s journey we have with family and friends, each relationship unique and special. Those sweet moments from the Lord are given to us as little treasures amidst the challenges in our lives.

Corrie Brockman


A few things you should know about me…

I don’t love to pose people. I like to be as natural as possible, in your element, not mine.
I want to see what you love, what makes you tick, to observe your natural elements.
I’ll order the item on the menu with avocado, every time.
I love Jesus. He brings me such joy and hope!
I love sweet wine. The ocean. Sand in my toes.
I use a smiley in almost every text I write. :)
My husband is the most amazing man ever. We met at age 17. He is also my boyfriend and my best friend. We like to date.
My daughter has all the joy of an ocean trapped in her eyes when she smiles.
I cry behind my camera and then again when I’m editing.
I love to travel, period. Stateside. France. Turks and Caicos. Switzerland. Costa Rica. Italy is on the bucket list. London is next! YAHOO!
Sushi needs to be its own food group. Yum.
My #1 on the bucket list is to be in a funny movie, so… if you know a guy.
I wish I had a roller coaster in my back yard. And a water slide.
Laughing is my favorite.

Let’s Play

I graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a degree in Communication and I LOVE to communicate! Like, really love it. I know, I’m a dork. I learned photography under Mike Oliver who taught me so many things and gave me the tools to do what I love! In 2006, I began my full time photography career called CLB Photography. This year, I changed my name to Corrie B Photography, just to get a little more personal. :) God has graciously given me wonderful clients these last nine years! What an amazing journey I get to document for you! Let’s go play. Get creative! Celebrate Life, Experience Joy, and Live in Love.

About My Website

I am sentimental. So I picked things that mean something to me. Words sometimes can’t describe the depth of what we see with the eye of our heart. That’s why I photograph. But I will give it a go!

Mine and my husband’s wedding rings.
Clearly sentimental. He proposed when I was 19. He got the bigger diamond even though we were poor college kids. Then, at year 13, he got me a custom band that compliments so beautifully. I love that I am bound to him, my best friend. C+N=love. :)

My sweet grandpa Tpa recently gave me those pearls. He is a wonderful man. Has taught me about love growing up, always a big hug and a smooch each time I saw him. Encouraging, playful, he always wears a smile in my mind. The clasp looks antique and I LOVE to wear my pearls with my jeans. I feel special, valued, important and lovely when I wear them. Ask me about the story of the little girl and the pearls.

My mother in law gave me the locket with her mother and father in each side. I wore it on my wedding day for my “something old.” The gifts that pass through time are such an important part of who we are because it shows where we came from. My husband’s grandparents gave my mother in law who gave me my husband. I am forever thankful.

Pearl Ring.
It belonged to my Great Grandmother “Nana” Dorothy Scott. I have such fond memories of being in her home in Estes with my mother, listening to classical music throughout her art gallery, the smell of ink from her lithographs. She left me this ring to be given to me and it reminds me again of her love.

On my spare time, I throw. I love to get raw and messy in the clay and come out with a beautiful mug or bowl, each unique. My Grandfather, Capt. Richard Culbertson, gave me his pottery wheel to continue my love for this art. My Aunt and Gmmy drove it all the way across the country which is such an act of love in itself! He majored in ceramics in college and I LOVE that the desire to do this has passed to me through the years.

The winter is sometimes long and drab. And then, suddenly the fresh new buds pop on the trees. The bright and excited color only stays for a while before settling into the deeper green which stands the heat of the summer. This green wakes me up and rejuvenates my heart!

I love trees. Specifically, weathered, rotting old stumps. :) Sometimes, if the wood rots enough, or if it cracks through the middle, a new shoot with the beautiful green pops through and starts a new thing, right amidst the old! This is where my logo comes from. Isaiah 11. The shoot is Jesus. He is our hope, the green LIFE doing something new! Sometimes I think He can’t do something with me, I’m too rotted, or stuck in my rutt of just being me. And then, POP! He does something new! I am so thankful. I want to bring Him glory with the gifts He has given. I will point to Him all my days.