The Daggy Family goes from 3 to 4 with a new baby!

This sweet family is one of my favorites. Ok, I have a lot of favorites, but one of my favorite things about this family is their ability to just relax and play. The Daggy’s had a new baby, little Ewan. He’ll probably be famous one day with that name. :)

When a couple has a baby and has in mind that they’d like to photograph the small amount of time that flies by in those first few weeks, I jump at the chance! Ewan was just 5 days old. JUST the way I like em, fresh from the oven. When I arrive at someone’s home, there is no prerequisite of showering or cleaning up. I love for people to feel at home and not pressured to feel like they have to snap out of the walking comma they’ve fallen into after having a baby who likes to be away every few hours. I like to go to someone’s home and document what is going on, get everyone together in a nicely lit room and just watch the interaction unfold. I encourage cuddling and closing eyes, playing and just enjoying each other.  :) At the Daggy’s house, we jumped to the master bedroom which happens to be one of the most beautifully lit areas in their home. We threw the bed cover on, Nathan jumped around, Mom nursed Ewan here and there, Nathan tackled Dad, there were snacks, giggles and some really cute moments. Thank you Daggy’s for such a fun morning! It was SO much fun to see new baby Ewan and his big brother Nathan get to know each other more! You’ll do well moving from your old zone defence to the new man-on-man. :)

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I loved watching Nathan with little baby Ewan. This little sweet baby had no clue what was going on around him. But Nathan sure was cute and curious! :) I love photographing families and babies!!

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I can’t wait to see Ewan’s eyes as he grows. My guess is that they will be just like Nathan’s. I’m amazed when I see eyes this blue! But no matter the color, little ones seem to have this sweet little sparkle that only a sweet baby can have. He knows just how to ham it up. I can’t stop snapping!!!

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   Can you barely handle this cute little baby feet? And the toes? Can’t get enough. :)

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