Engagement of Juliana and Derrick

Engagement of Juliana and Derrick

Juliana and Derrick are two of the sweetest people I have ever met. Their attraction towards each other is so visible; I just couldn’t get enough of their cuteness during this Engagement Session! We took a little day trip up to Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It was a classic Colorado day with blue sky and a warm, gentle breeze. All that was left was a darling couple… and a few cute puppies in bowties!? OK!

We had so much fun playing around the different locations and enjoying the gorgeous scenery. My favorite part was seeing how Juliana and Derrick were so smitten with each other. Their love absolutely shines through their gaze. Purely romantic and friends through to their souls.

Here’s a few fun shots from their amazing day!


Couple cuddling by rocks

Engagement sessioni with couple at Red Rocks

black and white at red rocks

Beautiful red rocks with couple engaged
Juliana’s Ring was so lovely. A perfect fit to her elegant personality. I also love that they both share bracelets. Juliana and Derrick are best friends and they never take them off. Is that not the sweetest thing ever?

The ring engagement session
I loved this cave and the light that was bouncing around inside. It’s a gorgeous place for a soon to be bride and groom to stand…when there are no cars driving through. :)

Soon to be bride and groom pose in cave at red rocks

black and white engagement session
Engagement Session at Red Rocks Amphitheatre
I thought this was the coolest little hole in the rock. And what a GORGEOUS scene looking back towards the slanting Red Rocks! This was such a perfect backdrop for this couple who LOVES the mountains.

Hole in Rocks Engagement session at Red Rocks

Red Rocks Amphitheatre Engagement Session

Black and White photo of Engaged Couple
Oh these puppies could not have been ANY cuter! They were so well behaved and Juliana and Derrick were in love with them. Dogs are truly part of the family. Can you even handle those little bowties?! These dogs are part of the wedding day as well! :)

Puppies in bow ties for couple's engagement session

Kiss on the steps at Red Rocks with Puppies

Phone kiss during engagement session


This Engagement session was so much fun. I loved how laid back both Juliana and Derrick were and how they just allowed themselves to enjoy each other. Let’s do it again!! :) How about a “Just for fun” session!?


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