In Home Baby Photography with Anne & Brandon

In Home Baby Photography with Anne & Brandon

One of the biggest joys in life is seeing a friend experience the birth of their first child. You can try to prepare them and tell them what it’s going to be like, but nothing can prepare them for this event. She will have her own story. He will experience a different story than even she can tell. It’s all completely amazing. Welcome to the club, Anne and Brandon. Hadley is absolutely one of the most beautiful babies I have seen. :) It was a pleasure to hang out with you and your Mom too, Anne. What wonderful support you have! Thank you for letting me into your home to play. And thank you to April Summers for coming to offer your services as well and providing the CUTEST little tutu I’ve ever seen! I can’t wait to buy a few more from you. :)

Mom feeding baby

Burping the Baby


Little toes


Dad holding newborn


Three Generations

One thing I love about this photo of their three generation hands is the evidence of a story. Anne had a story which included lots of IV’s which left bruises on her arms and hands. I would never dream of photoshopping something like this out of a photo because it has so much meaning and memory with this sweet little miracle. It evokes an emotion, the reality of birth, and the weight women carry literally and metaphorically. Anne called it her “zombie arms.” :)

Three generation hands


Baby holding necklace

This red ruby was passed down through generations and was deemed appropriate to photograph with her red Nebraska hat. :)

I love to see babies lifting their heads. Little Hadley is so strong already!!!
Baby lifting head

Kisses from Daddy



Mom changing diaper


Kisses from Mommy


Cuddles with Mom and baby


Silly faces. :)

New Born Baby faces
Baby in Tutu


Newborn wearing white tutu


Newborn with tutu and pearls


I just love the biggest yawn on the planet…
Newborn Yawning


Newborn Wrapped in Cheesecloth


Newborn girl in cheesecloth


Baby girl room


baby scent warmer


Baby girl room


Baby with Nebraska Football


Nebraska Baby


Funny baby faces


Newborn Baby Photo


Thank you for allowing me to come and photograph your sweet baby in your home! I loved seeing your new family! I love in home baby photography!