Becky and Ian’s sweet little angel – {CLB Photography, Colorado Wedding and Portrait Photographer}

So, it’s official. I love babies. What is even better is when I get a call from a couple who I’ve photographed previously for their wedding telling me their family is growing! There is something so wonderful about love, something mysterious. Then this little person makes their entrance into the world and changes everything, makes life even sweeter. Becky and Ian weren’t expecting this little bundle for another 5 weeks. We had planned on a belly shoot, but little Carmen wanted to make her apprearance sooner than expected. However, after talking with Ian, who wants another litter of babies, we may have another opportunity. ;) Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I can hardly wait, if they are anything like this sweet little girl.

This family has the most gorgeous hair there ever was! Becky’s hair is about 4 feet long, a real life Rapunzel, and Ian has locks that any man would kill for. So, of course, Carmen has good odds to have a head full of hair. AND dimples!!!!!! Look out boys!
I loved this quick little family portrait, how she’s reaching out to touch both of them. Pretty much the sweetest thing on the planet.

It is truly and honor to photograph the three of you, your ever growing family. I’ll be here whenever you need a thing, even if you just want me to hold your sweet little girl for a while. :)
Much love!