Benjamin Anthony – A little miracle

Mark and Laura have been living in Okinawa, Japan for the last 3 years. These two are rare jewels. I have had the complete honor of enjoying their friendship for the past ten years. We watched them become a couple, then get married, then join the Air Force and get shipped off to the edge of the world. They had a sweet little baby boy while in Okinawa who gave us another reason to get on our knees with his eagerness to come out of mommy’s belly. Just a little over half term, he entered the world. A wee tiny little boy, with a big strong heart and determination to grow. Since their family had grown, the Air Force shipped our friends back home state-side! But before nesting in their new home of Vegas, they popped in to say hello for a few hours. And a few hours with this family was a treasure.  I’ll take it any day! We had a chance to catch up a little, and spend some time visiting with little Benjamin. His little cheeks remained attached to his head, despite my desire to suck them right off his face. :) And my daughter Rilynn was quite taken with him too. She made sure his pacifier was secure in his mouth and a song sung to keep him happy. I think he liked it. I’m so thankful for their visit and hope that his first little photoshoot can be enjoyed for years to come. Mark and Laura, thank you for sharing yourselves and your sweet baby boy with us!! We are grateful!
And OH! the faces…

Thank you to our sweet friends for the kind and meaningful visit!


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  1. Laura

    A-M-A-Z-I-I-N-G! Your eye and your camera capture the sparkle in his sweet eyes like nothing else! Thank you for solidifying my memories of this little man so all I can’t ever forget these moments. You, my friend, are the rare jewel.

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