Christmas Playtime with the Faris/Weimer Crew

Christmas Playtime with the Faris/Weimer Crew

Well, it may not be a secret that these are some of my favorite people. :) I love to see this family as we have known each other for many years. Youth ministry was our game. We lived it. Amidst some hard times, I still relish in the familiar laughter that rings through my memories and continues to break out on these people’s faces, year after year. Despite trial and hardship, I love how they love. They love deeply. Clearly, their children have learned to display this love of life as well. I had the honor of hanging out for a small window during the holidays. One of my favorite things is documenting moments, playtime, being silly and throwing in an occasional group cuddle. I pray that through the years to come, God’s love would continue to grow deeper through each other.

I love love love these kids smiles! Can you barely handle them?

Kids being silly at christmas
Yes, I will take a handful of your homemade salted caramels, thank you!

Relaxing at home for Christmas
My most favorite thing is when the kids are playing, unaware of a photo moment that I see. These are the snapshots that I eat up and love to document. Pheona was telling me just exactly how to cut the hair on her play dough pony as the boys are focused on their toys and crafts. This is where THEIR heart beats. It’s their only job. To play. It only lasts for a minute.

Playing with new toys
Who doesn’t love a silly family photo? My grandmother despises them. But I love seeing a family come alive with the sillies.

Family Silly Face
The Weimer Family
I love me some family smush time! My all-time favorite pose and will be my entire life.

Weimer Family

The Faris Family

Faris Family

Faris Weimer Kids

Seriously though, they can’t get any cuter! Thanks to Vicki Faris for this laugh! She was working really hard behind my back to get their “real” smiles out. :)

Kids laughing in the snow
Jumping off the couch is one of children’s all-time best activity, in my opinion.

Jumping off the couch
Don’t worry, we will get a good group shot before the day is done.

Family Photo

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!