Natalie, Kurt and their sweet baby girl

Natalie, Kurt and their sweet baby girl

I was so happy to meet Natalie and Kurt who found me on our neighborhood map! Their daughter was such a complete joy, I could hardly get enough of her. She has such a sweet personality and adventurous spirit. Something I LOVED about Natalie and Kurt was the way they just allowed their daughter to be herself. They played with her, laughed with her, and she just bloomed in her element.
And can you even handle her darling little outfit?? :)

One of my favorite things to do during a family session is to just allow the child to play. What better way to enjoy this season in her life by doing something she truly loves! Takes the pressure to “perform” away and allows for that natural joy just to spill everywhere!

And what better way to help your child play than to play along with them! YES!

Ok, this was one of my favorite parts. Sylvia sent her shoes down the slide, was so proud of herself that she found them again and then brushed her little feet clear before putting them on again. Sweet little toes.

Everyone needs a hand sometimes. My heart strings get tugged sometimes during a moment which catches me off guard. Sylvia reached for her mom’s hand several times. I just love the need especially when I can watch it being met. Beautiful.


Those baby blues. SO cute!

Sylvia really was hamming it up for me. :) I love this smile. She stole my heart.

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