Holli and Aaron Anniversary Photos

Holli and Aaron Anniversary Photos

Holli and Aaron are some of my favorite people. Want to know why? Because they taught my husband and I how to play Bohnanza! If you’ve never played, you’re missing out. Our relationship began through Flatirons Children’s Ministry. Holli and Aaron welcomed Nik and I with open arms. Now we see each other quite often and for some reason haven’t played Bohnanza in quite some time…hmmmmmmmmmm.
Oh well.
Holli and Aaron’s anniversary was coming up and I was dying to get them back in their wedding clothes so we could go and play. They agreed with a tiny bit of reservation because of the heat, the schedules, the time. But I’m SO happy they did. An anniversary session is meant to remember the day they made their vows, to celebrate their marriage and continued journey in their lives together. I LOVE these types of session. It allows for so much freedom and play. I think we should all have a chance in our lives to celebrate whatever we want to celebrate. Life. Love. Friendship. Joy.
And so we did.
We headed back to where it all began. Lionsgate Event Center. I love to shoot here because there are so much fun little spots to pull over for a pic. :) It was a warm day when we shot. Near the end when we were over it, we all went a little crazy…

Bride getting ready


Groom Getting Ready


Groom's Shoes in Man Room


Groom Sitting in Chair


Bride in Bridal Suite


Gown, Shoes and Boquet on Bed


Bride and Groom on Bed


Bride and Groom on Bed


Bride Reflecting


Bride posting sassy in Bridal Suite


Getting ready to go


Kissing on the stairs


Kiss in Big Window


Hug near checkered doors


Posing outside near fountain


Red Bouquet


WEdding feet


Bride and Groom on a Rock


Bride on Groom's Shoulder


Kiss by the door


Vine Gate with SunFlowers


Walking with flowers and shoes


Red Flowers, Red Shoes, Red Phone Booth


Kiss in the shade


Smile on the bench


Bouquet on the Bench


Ready Set Go


Running Through Sprinkler


Hot day in the sprinkler


Cool off kiss


Groom with Bouquet


Rings on Doorknob


Sunflower and rings


Rings on Iron Door

Holli and Aaron, Thank you for allowing me the joy of photographing your Anniversary Photos in such a fun way. :) Black and White Wedding Rings