London Part One: the Train, Kings Cross and the Royal Opera House

London Part One: the Train, Kings Cross and the Royal Opera House

I’ve written and re-written my first sentence for this blog about ten times. The trouble is, I don’t have a great way to describe the emotions and thoughts that I have surrounding this trip to London. I love to travel. I love to experience through photography. I LOVE being with my husband. And I love being with my family! So I’m just going to pretend I’m writing a letting to my Grandmother who loves all the details. So I shall give them.


My dear cousin Sarah and her fantastically fun husband Phil arranged for Nik and I to fly to London to shoot their wedding. You can read all about the actual wedding day here. One thing I requested of them was that they get all dressed up again in their wedding attire and spend a day shooting at all their favourite landmarks in London. They kindly agreed and we got to work on our Pinterest board months ago. I think that was one of the smartest things we did because I’ve never been. It helped get me at least a little bit acquainted with a few of the beautiful spots to see. Phil and Sarah did a lot of the leg work and planned an excellent stream of locations for us to visit.

Photographing a bride and groom in London was amazing – a BLUR – but amazing. It was a day of running from one place to the next, wanting to cram everything in, and we did! It was hard to process for me in the moment, to take everything in, because we just didn’t have the luxury of spending days touring around the city. I would love to go back one day and just sit in a spot for a few hours. Take a week or more, perhaps, and just be a tourist. But this trip was not really for touring and I couldn’t be more glad! It was like a scavenger hunt and I wanted to get photos of Phil and Sarah in ALL the fun spots! And I had a TOTAL blast doing it. :)
Nik was the most amazing person have as a teammate. He volunteered to carry all of the gear while taking some shots along the way (which I am SUPER grateful for as it reminded me that we ACTUALLY did this!). After we came home with our heads spinning in circles, we almost didn’t believe that we went. So it was wonderful to literally have a photo with us in it to prove we were in London.

So, the best way for me to process this trip is to write a bit about it, share some photos and space it out into several parts. Sarah (and Phil by marital association, haha) have given me permission to share our delightful day together in London, England. I hope you enjoy as much as I did (however, I don’t think that’s possible!!)!

We started in Hertford, only a stone’s throw away from Phil and Sarah’s flat. Our first mode of transportation was taking the train into Kings Cross with some hopping around and changes before we arrived. Kings Cross was on the Brockman list to visit (at least for me), being the Harry Potter geeks that we are! :)

It was a perfectly cloudy day, a little chill in the air but not too cold. Phil kept Sarah warm. ;)
Bride and Groom on Train station platform
We bustled up Sarah’s dress so she didn’t drag it all around as we ran around that day. It was very fancy, a hair tie holding up all that beautiful material. I actually thought it looked quite cute!

Back for Brides dress at train station

foot photo in Hertford, England

Bouquet on Train heading to london
I don’t know what it is about trains that I feel is so romantic. Probably because they feel foreign to me or something. I loved the misty greenery flying by the window with a few raindrops on the glass. Perfect spot for a kiss.

Kiss on the train
We had a quick change, maybe a few, I can’t remember. We just followed Sarah and Phil who knew exactly where they were going. My goal this trip was to get some of all of our transportation. I LOVED the blur and speed of the trains flying through the stations.

The Underground Bride and Groom
We ate at Leon’s, a lovely lunch spot with very kind service. They gave Phil and Sarah a signed cookbook to carry around with them all day. :) hahaha! A congratulatory gift for their wedding. Thank you Sarah for giving me your other one to take home as a souvenir.

Kings Cross Station Bride and Groom
I couldn’t believe we were at Kings Cross. I knew of it of course, from Harry Potter. They have created a little tourist spot where you can practice running through the wall at “Platform 9 3/4” but it was so long and we didn’t have much time to get our picture taken. I was actually very sad and hoped maybe we might have another opportunity on our way home.
I loved the colors of the ceiling. Very artistic and lots of fun to photograph Phil and Sarah here!

Kings cross bride and groom
Our next stop was through the Underground and out the city streets to the Royal Opera house. We had heard it was open to the public until 3:00pm so we wanted to grab a look through the glass coffee shop up top. It was lovely, but what I loved even more was the beautiful patio overlooking the square below.

The Royal Opera House with Bride and Groom

The Rose Glass at the Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House with Bride and Groom
Phil chatting it up with his “mate” on the veranda. :) “Take care of my bike!” also translates to “Take care, mate, Bye!”

Royal opera house overlooking square below
This to me is a vision of London. The rooftops, the flags and the London Eye peeking over the top.

This was such a beautiful patio outside the coffee house at the Royal Opera house. Too good to leave unnoticed with the green and red pops of color.

Royal Opera House Bride and Groom

This concludes part one of our London tour. :) Stay tuned for more from this photo day with Sarah and Phil at all the most fun landmarks!

Also, thanks to Kelly Spence of Kelly Spence Bridal Accessory Design, again, for her most lovely headpiece “The Prudence.” It has been to many different areas in London! :)

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  1. Melissa

    So lovely!! I love the shots at the end, and the one with the blue ceiling! They’re so lucky to have such amazing photos!!

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    Love love love it!! Corrie is such an awesome photographer! I would hire her again and again! She has such an eye for it, as well as an incredible passion for it and for the people she shoots as well!! Thank you, Corrie, for my incredible engagement and wedding photos!!

  3. Kathy

    There are too many wonderful thoughts for me to share–and I can’t put them in words that would suffice anyway, so I will just say this: LOVELY!!! (in the most British way imaginable!) :) xoxo

  4. Debbie Taylor

    Oh, my! Sarah and Phil are so, so fortunate to have this day recorded with your amazing photos! Love them all!

  5. Dody

    Love the ones on trains and trains flashing by too! Brilliant! Loved that you could interpret the conversation too! Hahaha!

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