Water Drops: My Photo Project

Water Drops: My Photo Project

Starting the new year is like looking at a clean white slate. It’s overwhelming to know where to start sometimes but also VERY exciting! What colors to use? What creations to make? The world is at my fingertips and I can’t wait to play. This year, I’m starting out with just a little indoor photo fun. Water drops. They are sort of like snowflake it seems, not two of them are alike and yet, there are similarities. I loved these backlit shapes, becoming little characters, frozen for a millisecond. I started with just plain water to make sure I could actually achieve this test. :) Look at this little guy…Face of water
Long drop and shapes
I was so excited to have it working and having so much fun with all the shapes. But then, I got bored. So I decided to add some glitter! Everything is more fun with glitter!!!!

Green Glitter
The glitter was super fun because it stayed on the top of the water under the drop forced it down. I loved the little orbs of water looking like they are floating just above the surface. Once most of my glitter fell to the bottom, I got bored again and decided to add some food coloring!

Glitter and Food Color
I loved the effect the red had over the green glitter! So cool! But, I also don’t like blood so I decided to add some blue.

Red and blue food color
And lastly, I added some soap so see if it did anything different. And a little blue color.

Blue Suds Water
Welp, the creative juices have begun to flow! This was so much fun to do on a cold, foggy day. Wanna see how it ended up in real life?
Now you can go make a mess yourself! :) Happy shooting!