Brockman Family in Mexico

Brockman Family in Mexico

Sometimes, I have to pinch myself to believe that something like this actually gets to happen. Mexico is one of the most beautiful places I’ve traveled to on more than one occasion. And Playa del Carmen did not let us down. The Occidental Grand Hotel and Resort had such a gorgeous backdrop perfect for “work” and also a little family time as well. I would love to bring my ENTIRE family here one day to relax and enjoy each other. But this trip had just a few to allow us to focus mostly on my sweet bride and groom, Melissa and Dillon. Melissa and Dillon gave me and my husband the gift of photographing their wedding in this gorgeous tropical, jungle location. I will spend time focusing more on their wedding in another post, but this one is reserved for a few of our family photos. Melissa, sweet woman that she is, offered to snap some shots of us on the beach at sunset one of the evenings on our trip. I was so thankful for her offer and I of course did not refuse! :) Melissa Sue is such a lovely person and a kind soul. Thank you for giving us a few memories to take home with us!

One of the days of time spent together, we went next door to the Xcaret Eco park. We had such a nice time floating down the Xenotes or the underground rivers and exploring all the different beaches. They also had photographers walking around the park taking photos at various spots with photos to be purchased later. I couldn’t pass up THIS opportunity and was happy to support their beautiful efforts in giving us some fun memories as well!

These little cameras were placed all along the rivers. We got to hold up our wristband to the scanner on the rocks and the camera would snap a pic. Coolest thing ever. The only bummer was many of them didn’t quite work, or I just couldn’t find them on the website. But I was happy to get this one! We had some snorkel gear and got to see some beautiful fish at the end of the river tour! One of the highlights of the day for sure! We also saw a ton of bats in the caves. As you can imagine, Rilynn swam very quickly through those parts. :) My mom and I lingered a little taking it all in, despite the chilly water.
As we headed to the Mayan Ruins for a few photos by Melissa, we were amazed at the thick jungle and imagined how difficult it must have been to make any kind of paths through this jungle. There were some other neat little ruins here and there to explore. :)
                                                                                                             It was a PERFECT evening for pictures! What a gorgeous scene!

This is the one my whom my soul loves.

            I loved these beautiful Mayan Ruins as a backdrop. So much fun to play around!
These melted my heart the most. I love seeing these two love on each other so well. Rilynn is simply in love with her Daddy. And he can not get enough of her. :)
My other favorite thing is family snuggle time! :) Even in Mexico!

Thank you to Melissa for such a fun family shoot!!!


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  1. Melissa Johnson

    YAY!! SO happy I got to take these for you! Your family is so beautiful and I’m so glad you were in Mexico with us!!

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