Sharing Beautiful – Black and White Photos by Steve Stanton

Sharing Beautiful – Black and White Photos by Steve Stanton

We had the opportunity of visiting Mr. Steve in his home so he could use Rilynn in his photographic essay called “Sharing Beautiful.” I’ll botch an explanation of it, so I won’t try. The photos he is taking and has taken of children are simply eye catching. I love to sit and look at the one photo he has picked for each child to display their character and the moment of life they are sitting in. I’ve cried and laughed. There is joy in these sweet babies. I’m sure their parents are moved by such an expression. And such a gift.
Thank you, Steve, for capturing Rilynn in such a beautiful way. I’m honored by your gift, humbled by your talent and revived by your persistence to seek depth in your work. I am praying for the Lord to give me a topic that I can explore and “fall down the rabbit hole” as you’ve shared with your subject. It is fun and fascinating.

Now, on to the photos!
Rilynn had a VERY wiggly tooth as we headed up to Steve’s house. I was SURE it would fall out at any moment. As we walked in, Steve was very good with Rilynn making her feel right at home, drawing out her comfort level and allowing her to just be herself. We looked at some inspiration books Steve had when she says frankly, “Are we going to get to taking pictures or just sit here all day looking at this book?” :) I have the urge to apologize for her but just smiled instead. Why do we want to fix the courage to just say something in the moment? Steve jumped right on it and began her session. There was lots of giggling as I listened from the other room. I liked hearing what was going on, the suggestion of poses or activity for the camera. Sounded very natural. They came out for a “break” and then back for round two. Rilynn came bounding out like she was on some sort of adventure as a character. She grabbed her tiara and went back in for a few more shots.


Steve says, “Can you touch your foot to your chin?” Rilynn says, “Oh yeah! I can do more than that!!!”
I love this one. Ok I love all of them. But I adore her face in this. Total fun.SDS_1380
This one MIGHT be my all time favorite. I get lost in this photo. Her expression in her eyes is so soft and beautiful. I love her glasses explaining this time in her life. But when they are on her head not blocking her vision, it shows that her identity isn’t defined by her apparel.

Steve came out and showed me this photo after the first few minutes. Not gonna lie, my heart stopped for a wee second. She looks so OLD! My sweet darling baby. Looking TOTALLY gorgeous. It kinda freaked me out. But honestly, her eyes always get me.
I loved the simplicity of this one. Her soft little smile. :) Precious.SDS_1360
This one on the phone might need blowing up. :) I love her expression in this too, the eye direction says it all.



Introducing, Queen Elsa!
This expression is priceless. I’m pretty confident that this one was meant for the stage. If you have ever met this girl, you’ve seen her come alive with her animated joy exploding out of her pores.

All wrapped up. I love this. :)
Steve was really trying to get her to just pull that sucker out. But she had a little fear and hesitancy that it would hurt. Didn’t want to push her. Despite what we want as photographers, we shall not force. Thanks Steve for just letting it be. :) And for getting it ready so it would fall out 10 minutes after we left your house!!! :)
This one is a hoot! :)

This was such a FUN experience and I can’t wait to see the BOOK Steve is compiling of all these wonderful kiddos! Thank you Steve for the gift! We are grateful. Truly.

And for what it’s worth, I had to share the few pics of when her tooth fell out after all these wiggling!!!!

(Side note: I’m almost embarrassed to put these in the same post with Steve’s pics. But at the same time, I LOVE the whole moment, the whole day, documenting and enjoying this phase of life. That’s what it’s all about right!?)

We left Steve’s to go photograph a house for a real estate agent so Rilynn came along. She played in the back yard. This tooth is literally about to jump out of her mouth. She could turn it 360! Ew.
Not for the faint of heart…
I love her expression.

6She yelled at me from across the way, “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!”
So excited, she had some little tears in her eyes!
Such amazing joy.8

And there it goes. Let it go! Let it go! Sorry, we live in world of Disney’s Frozen.
These top two teeth were her first to come in as a baby. It’s interesting to think that I would somehow be attached to them. I remember thinking, WOW! Those suckers are huge!!! :)
That was a great day. :)
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  1. Dorothy Gibbs

    So – I may be just a wee bit prejudiced since she’s my adored great-niece, but I think ANYONE would love these! It’s obvious she was having a great time with Steve.

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