Newborn Sessions

I am so happy you’ve decided to invest in getting photos taken of your newborn! I promise you, regret is not something you’ll feel after having captured these first moments of your sweet new little life. They pass SO quickly and I am honored to freeze this time for you so you can cherish these miracle moments throughout the years. I have heard so often parents feeling sad they waited so long to take photos of their little one. Even with the intense sleep deprivation, you’ll be so glad you had these moments documented!

This blog is to help answer any questions you might have about your infant session.

Maternity Session: $200
Book this session when you are as big as you can be! We wanna see that belly! :) I recommend 36-38 weeks.
This Session is one hour long in your comfortable home or outdoors in a favorite location.

Newborn Session: $275 

When to book a session?
Between 5-12 days old. Before this time, milk has not always arrived. After this timeframe of 12 days, baby can be more stiff and difficult to pose. What will my session be like? I will explain my dual-style approach. I try my best to combine these for a beautiful variety that captures your baby’s first moments of life!

Documentary Style: I come to your home, in your own element and environment. This style of photography is more relaxed which in turn helps baby feel relaxed. I’ll take photos of the newness of this sweet life who has entered your home. I can get shots rocking in the nursery, cuddling on mom and dad’s bed, relaxing on the couch or wherever you want inside your home. You can give a bath, nurse, and cuddle, just doing what you would normally do. :) These moments are so tender, even if baby is crying! There’s no pressure to perform as we simply document what it looks like to have a newborn baby in your life. 
Posed Style
: This portion of the session works well if the sweet baby is very sleepy, well fed, and in the 5-12 day window. I usually bring a few blankets along with a variety snuggly wraps that help baby feel relaxed. I try 1-2 different poses which can take some time for the baby to settle into. If baby is sleeping, I can usually do a few more. If baby is awake, a few less. I also STRONGLY encourage the use of a pacifier, even if you’re not planning on using one long term. Once the baby is posed in a position, often times they just need a bit of sucking to soothe themselves into a relaxed state.

How long does it take?
Newborn sessions typically take about 2-3 hours because I like to leave room for nursing, or tears, or whatever baby might need. :) Babies can feel stress of mom and dad so we just like to allow room and time so there is none. :) More little people involved and more moving parts need a little more time. I try to get baby sleeping for some of the session, which is a little more important for the Posed style and for the baby to relax. It is not as important for the Documentary Style as we just go with the flow and photograph what baby is doing. You’re more than welcome to invite grandparents along to any newborn session. Sometimes, this can be the biggest gift of all to them. :)

~ Turn up the heat! If you have a space heater, pull it out. I might bring it from room to room with us if it’s chilly. I bring a heating pad to warm surfaces for the baby. But it is also most helpful to turn up the heat in your home. If you’re sweating, it’s probably perfect for the baby. We may take some beautiful bare skin photos, so warmth for the baby is key.
~ Have a pacifier ready! Even if you don’t want to start a habit, this helps in soothing baby into a relaxed pose and makes things much quicker and easier to photograph.
~ If you don’t feel comfortable nursing, have several pumped feedings ready.
~ Please wait to nurse as close to your start time as possible, even if you’d like to wait until I arrive to begin! A full baby is usually a sleepy baby. I love to go straight from nursing to posing without diaper or clothing changes. If you want them to start bare, nurse them bare with a blanket. I even like to get them swaddled in the wrap of your choice before you start to feed so we aren’t messing around with them after. Posing is a delicate process so I like to think and plan ahead for the next move.
~ Make your bed and open the blinds. :) Mom and Dad’s room often make for a great background. Don’t feel like you need to clean your whole house! Just a few spots is all we need.
~ If you have any sentimental things you’d like, (heirlooms, special stuffed animals, books, etc.) you’re more than welcome to include them.


Viewing and Ordering Session: After each session, we schedule a viewing and ordering session. This is usually 2 weeks after your Newborn Session date. Your Viewing and Ordering session will be available for 12 hours ONLY online. After this time, your photos will no longer be available to view or order. I encourage clients to think ahead and ask yourself some questions to help decide what you’d like from the session. I am happy to come to you in the comfort of your home to complete your order and answer any questions you may have and help in the ordering process.

From biggest to smallest:
~ Most clients order something big for the wall, whether it is one large canvas or a cluster collage of several canvas prints.
~ Next, think about prints for family members or friends. We also have baby announcements available custom made for you.
~ Books are another popular option if you’d like a collection of images to view for a lifetime.
~ We have High Resolution Images which start at $99 for each digital file.
~ If you order 3 or more items, you’ll receive 20% off your entire order.

***Whatever you decide to order, just remember the images will not be available to order passed your 24 hour window. We do not guarantee the storage of your session beyond this time so please be sure to order anything you’d like for keepsakes of this special time. ***