Cody and Lindsay in Cabo

Cody and Lindsay in Cabo

While down in Cabo during the beginning of September, we met a beautiful and down to earth couple named Cody and Lindsay. They bravely volunteered to have their photos taken by six excited photographers. :) They really were such great sports as the wind was very strong. The tropical storm was about to roll in so we squeezed every last drip of time we had before the rain came. Please, please visit Mary’s Blog called “Our Beautiful Disaster” to read her eloquent words and see her photos of the destruction and devastation that storm brought. I think of the people in Cabo often as such a wonderful strength in that place. Thankful for all those people at the resort who cared for us in the midst of their horrible hardship. Wish we could have done more.

And so, this session with Cody and Lindsay was a lovely highlight to our Cabo trip. A happy couple in love brightens any atmosphere. They were positive and a total blast to hang out with. Thank you for being our friends!

These guys were so sweet together. We loved hearing their story of how they met and how it was just time for them to get married. They were so relaxed and comfortable with each other. Made my heart sing. :) Especially because they were getting blown around by the wind and STILL managed to look comfortable and have fun together!

Cabo Photoshoot on the beach

Cabo couple kissing on the beach

We literally got washed off the beach as a wave came in, if only I kept shooting as it sped closer and closer to us! We all grabbed our stuff JUST in time as it came all the way up to the resort edge. Loved this last beach shot! Headed for the pool for a few more fun ones (since we were already wet!) HAHA!

I was lying down near the water’s edge of the pool to try and get a cool angle. :) Cody was not impressed, but thanks to Lindsay for the laugh! hahaha!

Man, the laughter with these two! I LOVE IT! You’ll see…

A great match! Thank you guys so much for the super fun photo sesh! :)