Highlight for Kelly Spence, Bridal Accessory Design

Highlight for Kelly Spence, Bridal Accessory Design

Today’s highlight is for a very talented designer who I had the honour of meeting this month in England. Kelly Spence made a most lovely piece for my cousin Sarah and named the piece after my Aunt Prue. She calls it the Prudence Halo. I took a few photos of this piece in Lynchburg, Virginia where Sarah and Phil got married. So in essence, this is a little sneak peak to some of the photos from their wedding day! (Stay tuned for a full blog on the beautiful wedding in Lynchburg which took place in June.)

Kelly Spence Highlight for Prudence Halo Kelly Spence Design Prudence Halo Bridal Halo on Banester Elegant Prudence Halo Prudence Halo Bride wearing halo and veil Silk Veil with earrings

There is more to come with this beautiful halo both in Hertford and London, England. :)
Check out Kelly’s website: http://kellyspence.com/
Congratulations on being the National Winner of the 2015 wedding Industry Awards for Best Accessories Designer!


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