London Part Two: Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and St. James’s Park

London Part Two: Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and St. James’s Park

As a tribute to my cousin Sarah’s birthday last week, she decided it would be good for me to make another installment to the London Tour as her birthday gift. How can I say no? :) hahaha! Also, I’m using the added “u” in my English writing for this blog. Just cause. I savour this blogging time because I get to go back and revisit the fantastic places we went and take it all in again. So buckle up with me! Here we go through the streets of London with this beautiful bride and groom. Totes and all! :) Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, St. James Park and more! This section has some of my most sentimental iconic landmarks. (The ones that I know, anyway.) Loved the busses and phone booths, especially. Phil and Sarah had the perfect spots picked out.

We left off in the underground I believe. When we resurfaced, we came out near Trafalgar Square. The streets were bustling with people. I loved the side shops with the little hanging signs above the door. The White Swan!

Walking through London
We stopped on the steps of St Martin-in-the-Fields. The pillars and steps drew me in and I even popped my head in to see what I could see… I was not disappointed. Honestly, I could have probably sat in that sanctuary for a few hours. It was so peaceful with the hundreds of people just outside the door.

St Martin-in-the-Fields church with Bride and Groom

St Martin-in-the-Fields church
We started up on the steps looking out over Trafalgar Square. This place was happening!!! The busses, taxis and people trying to get from here to there. Others sitting for a picnic enjoying the scenery. I didn’t see any other bride and grooms though, amidst all the interesting characters. My favourite was the view with the big, Aslan-esque lions and Big Ben in the background. Gorgeous architecture all around!

Trafalgar Square view of Big Ben with Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom at Trafalgar Square
We moved down into the square a bit more near a lovely railing. Phil really drew out Sarah’s smiles here. I could just watch THEM for hours! :) Aren’t they cute!!

Square view of Big Ben with Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom at Trafalgar Square spinning
One of my favourite things about Nik is when he gets those awesome side shots and in the moment photos. And to be honest, I like when he gets some with me in it! Just reminds me I was there. What a gift! And Phil was so kind to laugh at my jokes. :) Or maybe it was the other way around. Maybe he’s laughing at his own joke! HA!

And oh, the Lion! My heart. So majestic!

Bride and Groom on steps in Trafalgar Square

Corrie Brockman laughing with Bride and Groom
Phil and Sarah are so natural in front of the camera. I seem to be a bit…silly. :)

Ok so a bit of build up for this next little series of shots. There were a few photos on my list scavenger hunt list that I desperately wanted. I thought about how I would do it weeks before going. The lighting would have to be just right. The location would have to be perfect. I needed a double-decker, red, London bus with my sweet bride and groom in front. The bus needed to be moving and blurry. I bought a traveling tripod for this very shot. I was SO excited when it was NOT raining but cloudy, dark enough to do what I needed to do.
We walked over into the much debated “center of London” by the statue of Charles I on top of his horse at Charing Cross. It is a little circle roundabout with plenty of room and no people in the way. My heart could not have been MORE satisfied! There were black taxis, red busses and a hilarious couple to photograph!

Bride and Groom with blurred bus blurry london red bus with bride and groom Trafalgar Square Red Bus with Bride and Groom
This one had to be my absolute fave! Nik snapped this one, pigeon and all. Perfect London scene. And so strange how Phil and Sarah were already so famous that their photo was already up on the side of the bus!!! :) It was just too perfect not to put it up there!

Photographer takes photo of bride and groom with bus
Ok, well, I had all the fun I could and checked this item off my list. On we went to The Mall and Buckingham Palace. We stopped in the middle of the crosswalk with Buckingham Palace off in the distance. I loved all the black taxis driving passed.

Bride and Groom on The Mall Buckingham Palace
Bride and groom on the mall laughing near buckingham palace
Phil brought their Union Jack umbrella which wasn’t needed for rain, thankfully. But it seemed a perfectly romantic spot to use it.

Bride and Groom pose with British Flag Umbrella
While I got a few shots from this side, Nik snuck around to the other side to see what was really happening…

Bride and groom steal kiss under British umbrella

Bride and Groom funny face
Their true colours. :)

Photographer Nik Brockman in London
Nik’s sassy face as he takes a load off. Seriously, that camera bag was sooooooo heavy. Good thing his muscles are so huge!!! He is my hero.

As we arrived at Buckingham Palace, there were once again crowds of people by the front gates hoping to get a glimpse of H.M. The Queen. :) So we decided to play a little off the front and center near the gardens and the side golden gates. They were so ornate and royal, a perfect spot for a Bride and Groom.

Bride and Groom on railing with Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace with bride and groom on railing
These two shots from behind were some of my favourite from this spot. Nik snagged these perfectly!!!

Bride and groom kiss on railing

Buckingham Palace Gates at Buckingham Palace
I love seeing people’s reactions to a shot they just had a blast taking. This one says it all. Lots of laughter and fun.

Bride and Groom Jump Buckingham Palace Gates
Bride and Groom jumping by Golden Gates
I loved their jump shots. These two have some GREAT in-air poses mastered! What better time to play than at Buckingham Palace?! :) They had some extra energy for a bit of twirling, too. And just look at that lace! I LOVED the expressions Phil and Sarah locked into each other as they got more and more dizzy.

Golden Gates at Buckingham bride and groom
beautiful golden gates with bride and groom
cousins selfie buckingham palace
A quick selfie and a few sight seeing pics as well…

Buckingham Palace Guards
Single Buckingham Palace Guard in Booth
Fun fact: when the flag is flying, the Queen is in the building!

Buckingham Palace Flag Flying
Buckingham Palace gates and map
Buckingham Palace
After Buckingham Palace, we took a stroll in St. James’s Park. There were beautiful views of the London Eye across the pond. Haha, “across the pond!” That’s where we live! Just across the pond in the States! Ha! My quirky is showing.

Bride and Groom St James's Park with London Eye in the background
I loved this sign. With the iconic pigeon posed comfortably on top. And also, I appreciate the walking times to get around. :)

Pigeon on Street sign in London
This was our attempt at a Bournville chocolate ad in St. James’s Park perfectly paired with Nik’s comical faces to start things off. I loved Phil and Sarah’s faces at the end. Had to keep up the energy! Can you send me summore please!? :)

bournville chocolate break in london
St. James's Park fountain
And then, we spotted a little group of pigeons. Since Sarah had her kicks on, we thought it might be a perfect time to get those birds flying again!

Bride running through pigeons
Flowers in St. James's Park
Nik and Phil walking through London
London Eye
These next photos are some of my favorites. Phil and Sarah found “The Best Phone Booth In London.” That’s what we’re calling it. Big Ben did a beautiful job of displaying itself for this iconic, London scene. These are definitely in my top ten of most London-esque photos.

London Phone Booth with Bride and Groom

Phil and Sarah kissing by phone booth in london

Bride standing at phone booth in London
Groom standing by phone booth in London
Phil and Sarah can both really put out the vibe :) Phil rockin the Blue Steel.

Big Ben and Phone booth with Groom

Bride and Groom by Big Ben and Phone Booth
Even Nik and I got a turn and handed over the camera’s to the experts! Thank you Phil and Sarah! We had to snatch a few of the on the iPhones of them taking our picture. They were too cute. :) Look at Sarah’s headpiece by Kelly Spence, The Prudence, as she takes some photos!

Corrie and Nik Brockman by phone booth and Big Ben
Bride and Groom take pics of the photographer
Big Ben London England
Mmmmmmmmmm I love that green and the beautiful flowers above the shop.

Big Ben and Red Phone booth London

Must get selfies in all the fun spots! And I do say, this one was one of our best! A bus, a phone booth, Big Ben and ALL four of us in one shot? That’s a money shot Phil got for us with his long arm. HAHA!
It was then time to rest our weary feet and ride the Red Double-Decker bus to our next location… where will we stop next?

I loved the view from the top, front window of the bus. It was so neat to see all the buildings, taxis, buses, and fun zig zag lines in the busy streets.

waiting for the double decker bus in london
streets of london

City streets of london

Big Ben Clock tower
Busy streets of London
street lines in london with bike
Can you guess our next location from this last pic? :) How good is your London building recognition?
Stay tuned for the finale of our lovely London trip, bridal session extraordinaire!

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