Love in London

Love in London

There is so much love in London! So much in fact, that it took me about a year to write about all of it. :) In honour of Phil and Sarah’s year anniversary, I thought I would wrap up our trip through London with a nice little bow as a gift and to complete my processing journey. I have had SO much fun reliving these moments and taking a journey back through the streets of London. I’m hoping and praying I get to go back again and spend even more time enjoying this city!
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So buckle up and let me show you a little more of our tour of London…

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral Bride and Groom statue of Queen Elisabeth

Last we left, we were in a double decker city bus rounding the corner to St. Paul’s Cathedral. The statue of the Queen just out front was a beautiful site to be seen. But the cathedral was even more exquisite! We hopped out, changed shoes and sent Sarah up the steps first.

Sarah on St. Paul steps
Bride near columns of St. Paul's Cathedral
Sarah on Steps of St. Paul's Cathedral
We sent Phil on up to meet her, although she looked quite stunning up next to the huge doors and columns. We didn’t have much time as we were asked to leave and stop photographing as some type of event was happening. No clue as to the people involved in this event, but we imagine they had some importance if we were asked to stop. I gave them the cue to keep smiling as they walked down, the hoards of people off to the right and the left. It seems that they were the only ones there!!! :) Anyway, we went around to the side Churchyard for a few more cuddly shots.

Bride and Groom on Steps of St. Paul's Cathedral
Sarah and Phil outside the St. Paul Cathedral
Bride and Groom walking down steps of St. Paul's Cathedral
Bride and Groom cuddle in the Gardens of St. Paul's Cathedral
A little of the photographers…

Photographers in London photographing at St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul’s led perfectly onto Wobbly Bridge, or Millennium Bridge. Also seen in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge has a beautiful view of St. Paul’s and Phil and Sarah wanted to take us to the end for a few fun shots with people all around. They were right!!! At least *I* think so! :)

Bride and Groom on Millennium Bridge
Phil and Sarah posing on Wobbly Bridge in London
Kiss on Wobbly Bridge
Bride and Groom Dip on Millennium Bridge
Millennium Bridge with Bride and Groom
Millennium Bridge in London

Sarah and Phil pose with a big hug on Wobbly Bridge
Next up, Tower Bridge (easily confused with London Bridge) and easily one of the most iconic locations in London.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge was one of my favourite places to see as I had seen it as a child in books and, maybe Peter Pan??? Or is that just Big Ben? :) Anyway, it was beautiful and grand all the same. We played there for quite some time. Just to take it all in. The daylight was beginning to fade which made for such a beautiful light on their faces. Some of the street lamps started coming on as well. PERFECT!

Tower Bridge in London England
Bride and Groom gaze at Tower Bridge
Phil and Sarah standing near Tower Bridge with flowers
tower Bridge is the perfect backdrop for wedding
handsome groom holds bride at Tower Bridge
Veil whips in wind at Tower bridge on Bride and Groom kiss
The wind was blowing down the channel under the bridge making for a most perfect veil shot! Nik stood over on one side to hold it for a few and then let it go to see what it would do. :)

Bride and Groom pose near Tower Bridge with long veil
Bride and Groom edgy photos in front of Tower Bridge
laughter of bride and groom at tower bridge
I love how these two just play with each other. Their interactions were like this all day long! I loved standing back and just watching them enjoy their time together.

Groom and Bride play in front of Tower Bridge
View of London from Tower Bridge

We were just near the Tower of London where the crowned jewels are kept so we decided to see if we could walk over. But they were closing quickly so we were just in time to see a Guardsman, commonly known as a Beefeater. He looked like he needed a photo with a happy bride and groom. :)

The Crowned Jewels at the Tower of London

Tower Of London

Beefeater at the Tower of London pose with Bride and Groom
Tower of London at night

We didn’t have time for jewel viewing, so it was on to dinner! We stopped to rest our weary feet and refuel before heading into the night hours for some fun night shots and back towards Kings Cross Station.

Dinner at Wagamama

This place was SOOO yummy! And it was perfect for our hungry bellies. I took a minute to take a few rings shots while we were there. We relaxed, had some delicious Wagamama dinner and drinks and were on our way!

Wagamama Dinner and Ring shots on bouquet
Bride and Groom discussion in Wagamama

I can’t remember what exactly we were talking about (maybe the route home?) but Phil and Sarah are two of the most fun people to watch have a conversation. My favorite is her “really Phil?” face in the upper right hand corner. The whole thing makes me giggle. :) here’s a few more iPhone pics from our dinner. We had lots of fun!

Brockmans and Westons at Wagamama

Quest for Big Ben and The London Eye

We were headed toward the next spot we wanted to grab on the photo scavenger hunt which were Big Ben in the night and the London Eye. You can see it off to the right in this photo. But this bridge was too perfect not to test our night shots. I love the ghostly effects of the passerby’s. We played a bit on this bridge and a few people wanted in on some of the shots as well. hahaha!

Bride and Groom night shot on bridge

Kiss in the night in London

Night shots with a few strangers in London
We found the London Eye! It was lit up red while we were there and the twinkling lights in the trees added a perfect little something to our night pics. We started in the trees with the Union Jack umbrella, remember we’ve (and by we, I mean Nik and Phil) been carrying that all day? :)

Bride and Groom kissing with British Flag Umbrella
sarah and phil under union jack umbrella by London Eye
The London Eye at night lit up
Bride and Groom Dip in front of London Eye and Queens Walk
The London Eye was quite magnificent despite the fact we couldn’t stay long. It was a gorgeous cloud filled sky which bounced the lights around making for a beautiful backdrop for the Eye! Phil and Sarah had a nice little dip in front of London Eye and then a bit of dancing on Queen’s Walk on our way to the clock tower. Big Ben was just stunning in the background with all the night lights lending the ambient light. Just beautiful!
Just a short walk down the river and under the bridge for our finale of the night – Big Ben did NOT disappoint.

Bride and Groom with Big Ben at night In London
This clock tower was the most perfect backdrop for our couple and the last thing on my London Bridal shoot extravaganza. I was so happy to see this well known and iconic tower with two of my favorite people sharing a loving smooch in front of it. :) We couldn’t stay long as we had to catch the last train out of Kings Cross, so on we went, brisk walk style.

Clock Tower in London
Night bus and Big Ben along with London Eye


Final Thoughts

We made it back to Kings Cross in record time! And with JUST enough time to grab a few photos of the one and only, Platform 9 3/4. I was a bit bummed earlier that day because we didn’t have time to stand in the line to get our photo at this attraction. However, turns out at 1:00am, there IS NO LINE! I was elated! :) Harry Potter fanatics at our best – 1:00am back home to Phil and Sarah’s flat in Hertsford.

Corrie Brockman at Harry Potter's Platform 9 3/4

Nik at platform 9.75

On our way home
This is a blooper from earlier. Cause these two are a hoot! :) I’d love if someone could caption these for me! hahahaha!

This day was a treasure. For me and hopefully for Phil and Sarah as well. I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of capturing any of the places we got to see in a million years. But God is so kind and giving and provided us with a chance of a lifetime.
Phil and Sarah, THANK YOU! Thank you for your time and for gifting us this amazing adventure. We are so glad we got to witness such an amazing union and so thankful for your extra day of flying like the wind to all these places in your wedding getup! Sometimes I wonder if you’re STILL exhausted! I can’t believe how much we did in one day! It took me a year to write! :) HAHAHA! Happy Anniversary (it’s still 4 more hours here in the states)!!! :)

Corrie and Nik take a quick trip to London for a day

We decided to hop back on the train the next day for some little sight seeing – specifically to shop at the HP store and to go exploring for a little lunch. What did we find? Our favorite thing ever, Chipotle. Yes, even in London, we can’t choose another lunch spot. Happy as ever.

Nik and Corrie in London
Nik and Corrie in London
Nik and Corrie in London
Nik and Corrie in London

Nik and Corrie in London
Nik and Corrie in London
Nik and Corrie in London
Nik and Corrie in London
Nik and Corrie in London

Until we meet again, London.