Backyard Wedding Photographer in Greeley

Backyard Wedding Photographer in Greeley

As a Wedding Photographer, I’ve realized there is something truly wonderful about the simple. I don’t mean simple in a bland way, or even non-creative. Sometimes simple means enjoyable, or even sentimental. That’s what I think of when I imagine a backyard wedding. If you asked the parent’s of the bride, they might disagree with all the work that went into preparing their home for what would be a most beautiful wedding! There’s a LOT that goes on into accommodating so many people in a home garden, but this family did it so well. And looking back on this day, I hope they were glad they did it. The memories made in the warmth of a parent’s home will last for years to come. The details were well thought out and planned, the style and feel of the whole event was classy and relaxed. The guests had a wonderful time and as I looked around during the party, the laughter spilled out of so many faces.

Nicki was a stunning bride. Those curls are natural, people! GORGEOUS! And her beau, Scott, was dressed to impress in his wool vest and flowered tie (and his also superstar hair). They made little pins for the groomsman to wear made of wood-branch cross sections. I LOVED the wood in this wedding!
Scott made the arch they would stand under to be married. There were these beautifully crafted branches which were perfect for hanging a dress. :) The lace was so lovely and was the perfect compliment to Nicki’s stunning beauty.

The getting ready time before the wedding is so lovely and real. Things scattered about, painting toes and hurrying the process along with a blow dryer. :) These are the real parts of the wedding day we think aren’t important. But to me, it’s the little things that make up the treasures of the day. The perfume, the make up, the dress hooks. Mmmmm, I love it all!

brides dress hanging from wood, Corrie B Photography
Getting Ready

Black and White photo of bride getting ready, Corrie B Photography

Bride spraying perfume, Corrie B
I loved the ties Scott picked out for himself and his groomsman. SO darling. I think it takes a confident man to wear floral. :) Scott rocked it! He also made some really neat pins out of a cross section bit of a branch and put his groomsman’s initials on each one. What?! So creative!

Groom getting ready, flower tie

Wedding details, Groomsman wood pin, sign, Corrie B Photography
Wedding Rings on wood stump, flower bouquet, Corrie B Photography wedding photographer
Can we talk about those flowers!? And the rings?! AHHH! Sooooo lovely! Scott and Nicki had the coordinates of where he proposed inscribed on the insides of the rings. They are very outdoorsy people, love to snowboard and hike and be free wanderers. Look at the color in that bouquet!!! Wow. And the raw edginess of the wood. I LOVE the wood.

As a wedding photographer, I ALWAYS recommend a first look. This one was awesome and so much fun. We went over to a separate location called The Artesian. Just a little spot on the side road with some trees, some cows and some green grass. :) I LOVED it. Scott had arrived first and was waiting for Nicki so patiently and expectantly. You can see the excitement on his face! :) She sneaks up behind him, he turns around and the smiles just keep flowing. He just buries his head in her embrace. Melts my heart.
Once she puts her arms around her person, she home. I love the embrace. Eyes closed and relaxed as bests friends hold each other tight. Never let go.

I love this time during the first look. Scott and Nicki had their bridal party meet them at this location soon after their first look, but also built in some time just for the two of them. It was perfect! I love these shots. Nicki is a stunning beauty, is she not!? Look at how Scott looks at her. Ahhh, be still my heart!

Bride and Groom first look with cows, Wedding photographer

First Look and Romantics

Bride with groom kissing neck and beautiful flowers, Corrie B Photography
Smiling bride getting kissed by her husband, Corrie B Photography
The bridal party came for a little bit of fun together before we headed to another location. We had two small stops which was so much fun for a bit of variety. I would recommend ALL couples schedule in some time for a first look and pick a spot you LOVE! Spend some time there before the wedding together. You will NOT regret it! It helps the nerves and anxieties just fade away. Those are the juicy nuggets you’ll remember about your day. And isn’t that the most important thing? Each other? Yes, yes it is.

Wedding Party black and white

Bridesmaids laughing, Colorful dresses, Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photographer Broomfield, Groomsman looking at Groom's ring, Corrie B Photography
Ok, so we sent the bridal party back to the house and stopped by another spot with some really pretty tree cover. At 2:00 in the afternoon, tree cover is so lovely. With these two, their middle names are “lovely.” So it worked out perfectly. I get a little lost in this next pic. Both of their eyes, together…

Cutest bride and groom ever, Corrie B Photography
And then, all the laughing! Made my whole day! Laughter is the KEY, people. Want to love each other forever? Laugh. Keep it light. You’re on the same team, so the laughing is the perfect spice to a beautiful marriage. So it makes me so happy in my soul to see the joy and the laughing on this very fun day. And all of this happened before the ceremony! Imagine then, once the ceremony comes, the nerves have all but dissolved away because there has been a wonderful time of connecting with the one your soul loves. These are my Wedding Photographer goals. :)


My heart melted with the way Nicki’s dad looked at her.

The relief that happens after the ceremony is over is sometimes almost palatable. And the expressions on both Scott and Nicki’s faces says it all! :) As a wedding photographer, I can’t wait for emotion to pop out during these perfect moments. :)

I’ll wrap up this blog with some photos of the reception with the details. This backyard wedding was not lacking in anything! It was comfortable for all the guests with the delicious food, dancing, libations and laughter! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day. It was a true honor.

All the rest

Thank you SO much to my second shooter wedding photographer, Amy Adell Fiest! She was such a support that day in capturing the boys getting ready and another beautiful angle all day long! I couldn’t have done it without you, Amy! Call up Amy Adell Photography if you’re in the Fort Collins Area! :)